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I designed this program based on my success in my real estate virtual assistant business. This program will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to address any situation when working with your real estate agent. The tips and tools you receive by going through each module will increase your confidence and give you a better understanding of services you can offer.

This program focuses on working in the real estate industry as an assistant or a virtual assistant, agents can benefit from its use as well.

The goal of the program is to teach anyone who has the desire to learn, how to build a solid foundation for the real estate agent. Thus helping build their team to be the best.

Who is this for?

I developed this program for anyone and everyone who has a desire to work in the real estate industry or in any other field that compliments the real estate industry.

You depend on the leaders in the industry to guide you to success, and you have found one that will help you and give you the confidence you need to work in a high energy industry where every day will be different, but gratifying.

I also realize that everyone needs a boost in brushing up on their skills, so don’t forget this program is open for just a short time and then will be closed, but you will always receive the latest information, updates made in the industry.

I am ready to teach you, hold your hand, and help make you the best you can be. Get started by joining and I will see you on the other side soon.

“It has been a wonderful experience to be the Lead Transaction Coordinator for Kim’s team. I came to Kim having over 13 years of real estate and marketing experience, but even though I had the background in real estate there was still a learning curve and once Kim took me through her 10 step module I have the confidence of working with agents nation-wide and eventually took over the division of Kim’s Transaction Management division. Learning to work with clients as a real estate assistant was a smooth process as Kim’s programs and processes ensure client satisfaction. I can’t say enough about the dedication and level of service that Kim shows for her business and the support that she has for her team members. Thanks to Kim I can keep growing and learning in a field that I enjoy!”

Susan S.

13 years
The Real Estate Playbook

The Real Estate Assistant Playbook©

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