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Kim is a phenomenal business coach. She is knowledgeable, caring, and she thinks outside the box. My business partner and I started a transaction coordination business for real estate agents over a year ago. I am an experienced real estate broker, but starting this business was an entirely new challenge. We needed guidance on how to market the business as well as the day to day activities. We researched multiple companies and Kim stood out above the rest. Kim so graciously took us under her wings and systematically helped us take our business to the next level. Without a doubt, Transaction Genie, LLC would not be where it is today without our business coach Kim Hughes. It’s a blessing to know her. ”

~Michelle Baker, Owner. Transaction Genie, LLC

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Here is what you can expect:

Module #1 – Introduction to the Real Estate Industry
I will introduce you to the real estate industry. This will give you a good layout of how the industry works, the difference between the Broker, the Agent and the Assistant as well as all the different components that are involved in real estate provides you with some important information to give you that solid base of knowledge to get started.
Module #2 - Real Estate Rules, Regulations and Risk Management
As with any industry there are rules, so we want to understand what the real estate industry expects from its members and any one working in the industry. I go through many of the rules with you to give you a good jump start of what you can and cannot do. We also discuss the latest trends of this area of the industry as they are constantly changing and how to stay up-to-date on the new laws, rules, etc.
Module #3 – The Real Estate Agents Business
Now we are getting into the details of the real estate agents business and taking you through all the areas and what you need to be aware of how it all comes together. This is where we start discussing should you niche or not.
Module #4 - Marketing The Real Estate Agent
Here is where we go into the marketing of the agent, such as their identity in the local community and how their branding helps them market their real estate services with their direct and Internet marketing.
Module #5 – Social Media Marketing for Real Estate
Social Media Marketing is not the same as for real estate agents, it is important to understand how to creatively use this amazing marketing tool to gain the audience your agent wanting to engage with. So we will discuss how this is achieved and why social media marketing for real estate agents is so different than any other marketing strategy.
Module #6 – Real Estate Blogging
Real Estate Blogging is also very unique to the agent for their local market. We will go into detail of how you can blog for your agents that will make an impact and start creating connections and relationships with the local consumer.
Module #7 – Real Estate Technology and Real Estate Vendors
Understanding the technology side of real estate is again, an area that needs to be focused on to ensure the real estate agents has the right tools for his/her business. The goal here is to determine what works for the agent, not what is popular at the moment. Then you will learn how can you incorporate the best real estate vendors into the agents business to create a business plan that works not just for now, but long-term.
Module #8 - Listing Management
Now it is getting really interesting as with technology – marketing a listing changes constantly as new players come on the field, but we don’t want to get all excited about the new players until we know they have something better to offer. This is an in-depth discussion on how to properly market a listing to impress the seller, bring massive exposure to buyers, and to show the market area that your real estate agent can walk the walk.
Module #9 – Transaction Management
From the time the property goes under contract the details are vital in making sure everything flows smoothly to have a successful closing so the agent can build a solid relationship with their client, which give the agents so many future benefits. But, the key here is to know how to handle every detail, how to work with other parties and vendors to make sure the closing will be a smooth one. We go into great detail on how to ensure you can take this off your agent and free them up. By being able to handle a transaction will make you a very important team member.
Module #10 – Relationship and Leads
Due to new technology, how we can generate leads today is always changing. By learning the process, you will understand how your agent can incorporate the best program to get the highest return of investment. You will also understand how to handle the lead once it comes and the responsibilities you have communicating with the lead. Not to mention how we will go into detail on how to nurture the lead so they come back to your agent when the time is right.

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